The Beginning

Hello and welcome to the first post.

I’m Garrett Zimmer and I’m just stopping by to introduce myself to you all. I started Existential Games with a purpose, and I wanted to share that with you. We believe that FUN is intrinsic to games, but that this doesn’t mean we cant address real world problems with gaming. That’s what “Serious Games” and our company is all about. We don’t just build fun games, we build fun games that solve world problems.

Part of Serious Games design is about finding the right mechanics and game genre that will fit a particular topic. Our first game’s about Climate Change and the multitude of elements that impact it. So we’ve decided that we would build a strategy game out of all the data, and create a really fun game around that simulation. Imagine, Sim City or Civilizations but where you control the people’s perspective and in turn the climate. “But hey”, you say, “I’m not an environmental activist, so what about me?”

Climate Corruption’s name says it all. One of the most fun methods I found for understanding what’s inside of a Toaster, or Television was… well I think you guessed it. I smashed the heck out of it. Learned a lot too. Some of the most fun gameplay is around breaking S**t and pushing the boundaries, and in Climate Corruption you’ll get that too. If you want to play for Good or play for Evil, it’s your choice, and the win condition isn’t set to stopping climate change or saving the planet.

Anyway, that’s enough about us and the game for now. As we progress through development we’ll keep you posted here, and Update you regularly via E-mail. Wait you HAVE signed up for updates right?


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