65% of American Adults Play Games with an average age of 33.

Your Clients and Employees are Gamers.

The business landscape is changing, and it's impossible to ignore the fact that games are a big part of today's culture.  Are you as a business taking advantage of these motivational and engagement opportunities in your employee and clients strategies?  

E-learning and serious games and gamification can help your business improve productivity and client engagement.

"We no longer live in a world where games are a simple diversion.  Rather, Games and the psychology behind building them is adding significant value to all areas of the business value chain." ~ Garrett Zimmer

With combined decades of experience with games, game design and game based learning we know that simply putting a few fancy graphics around a quiz does not engage gamers.  Our approach is all about bridging the gaps between learning and fun.  Results without sacrificing engagement.

Where we support engagement.

Serious Games and E-Learning

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Gamification Applications

Most e-Learning companies will take the same old boring worksheets, and paint them up to look like games.  You can paint a house with fancy colors, but that doesn't make it a home.

We balance decades of training experience with decades of game design experience to ensure that your programs are not only effective, but are deeply satisfying and engaging.

After all, what good is a serious game if it's not fun.

Gamers Don't Enjoy Junk.

When a gamers is forced to play a fake game, there's a clear and immediate disconnect that happens.  This is where a lot of e-learning programs have failed.  They don't fail in the content, the learning design or the graphics.  They simply fail to understand how gamers engage with gamification.

Over the last five years, we've had the privilege of working directly with Microsoft and Ministries of Education around the world to train teachers to use games in the classroom.  Our experience there proved to us and our clients, that engagement and a serious games design approach achieves 10x the results.

If you're looking seriously at upgrading your e-learning program, or building a new outreach program, contact us for a free consultation and learn more about our proven process.

Game Based Workshops and Consultation

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Over the years, we have worked with Fortune Companies like: Intel­™,  Microsoft™, Deloitte™, Educational Ministries and Outreach Groups.  With every project we've helped them succeed in engagement results that have lead to positive impact in their organizations. 

We help companies understand how Games and Gamification can become powerful tools in meeting their customers in the current climate. From workshops to engaging gamification design, we help you engage gamers as learners.